20 April 2013


I'm a very big lover of chat... And I can live having it all time but my tummy hates what my taste buds love... So I prefer having light chat item and I usually order chat with curd and that’s also tastes great with a combination of curd and chat masala... I saw this recipe in Sanjeev Kapoor... 
The recipe was simple and had light chat masala items without sweet and spice chutney. So dint have a second thought and tried out immediately... No wonder it tasted great with the crunchiness of corn flakes and peanuts...I don't like to eat raw red onion I feel they have a strong onion flavor... So I used yellow onion have a mild flavor and mellow of yellow onion and capsicum worked out well...Give a try and kids will love it...


Corn - 1/2 cup(I used frozen)
Peanuts - 1/4 cup
Yellow onion - 1/2
Corn flakes - 1/3 cup(I used nestle whole grain cornflakes)
Chaat masala - 3/4 tsp
Lemon juice - 1 tbs
Coriander leaves - 1 tbs(chopped)

To Saute:
Oil - 1/8 tsp
Green capsicum - 1 tbs
Red capsicum - 1 tbs
Green chilly -1(de seeded)


Take frozen corn and boil for 2-4 mins and drain excess water and set a said to cool down completely.

Take a kadai add in little oil first saute the green chills followed by green and red capsicum.Then take all the ingredients needed and set a said.

Then take a bowl add in all the ingredients except peanuts and cornflakes,then when your about to serve add in cornflakes and peanuts and give a quick stir.

Serve this simple,delicious and sooper crisp corn peanut bhel and enjoy!


Sauteing capsicum and green chilly is purely optional,i don't like the rawness of capsicum so i sauteed ed,so its optional.

The amount of chaat masala and lime i have used is mild,so if you want more of chaat flavor increase the quantity.

I have used frozen corn,you can replace with fresh ones also,add the cornflakes at last or just when your about to serve,the crisp of cornflakes is main key to the bhel.

Keep Smiling!:)



  1. yummy tempting and inviting bhel with lovely clicks.

  2. Wow Revathi, very healthy and delicious. I just love the presentation and the click. No body will resist to eat with such presentation.

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  7. Awesome, the simple recipe and wonderful visuals. Makes a nice appetizer too.

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  10. So colourful and delicious bhel... Thanks for sharing Revathi :-)

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