09 January 2013


I know everyone, have their own version of preparing Sambar powder at home .. But i just want post my moms version of sambar powder, which i use in my kitchen...  And i add sambar powder in most of my veg (nattu kaikarigal)recipes...But now a days we can get  different types of sambar powder brands in the market...To me home made or mom made powder is the best ...

 I have tried store bought ones also,but taste differs...when i thought of posting this recipe,i thought i have got lots to stories to tell you all...And im filled with my past memories...:)Summer holidays na i can only remember my mom ,starting the process of making sambar,coriander,chilly powder vadagam, vathal,and it goes on :-j like that.Every day drying process only,in that my work is to helpmy mom in cleaning the vessel in which we store and i help her to sundry all the ingredients in our terrace and my mom used to prepare sambar powder in bulks and she store it for the year.. And now a days she packs for me also...:)But now i have no work in this process,hope dad will be helping her out....Before posting sambar, poriyal, kootu recipes,i thought:-? this post is necessary.. And it will be helpful for those, how are away from  their home town...


Turmeric powder - 25 gm (1&3/4 tbs)
Red chilly(long variety) -  250 gm (1 cup heaped)
Coriander seeds -  500 gm (2&1/8 cup)
Pepper - 50 gm (3&1/2 tbs) 
Jeera - 50 gm (3&1/2 tbs) 
Vendhayam- 25 gm (1&3/4 tbs)  
Toor dal - 25 gm (1&3/4 tbs)  
Chana dal - 25 gm (173/4 tbs)
Mustard - 10 gm (2&1/8 tsp)
Asafoetida - a pinch


Dry roast all the ingredients separately,till brown. And be careful that it doesn't become dark.Or you can also sundry it as my mom does.

Allow it to cool, and grind it to a fine powder.And store them in a air tight container.


You can get 1/4 kg sambar powder for the above mentioned ingredient.You can half or double the amount to your conviency.

You can increase coriander seeds to 100 gm if you want your powder to be less spicy.

When u prepare in bulks, keep the required amount, you use for daily purpose,and store the rest in the freezer.This will help you to retain the color and aroma.

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