02 May 2015


Their are many delightful combinations in cooking and food which I love. I just enjoy each and every bite of it and the combo just melts in mouth and one such combination is vanilla ice cream with gulab jamun. When I was a teen, dad often take us to Rotary meeting it would be a large get together.Lots of friends,fun and yummy yummy food, the most common dessert served that time was gulab jamun or carrot halwa with ice cream. I would just relish eating them any time of the day and would want for more and more. And to say RK is just me like when tasting desserts and he loves gulab jamun a lot, so when my MIL visited here last month she made a batch of gulab jamun,it was half over and I saved the rest half for this yummiest popsicles and ice cream. Everyone in my house loved it to the core and was over the same day,we went for 2 serving. So don't hesitate to give a try and u will all love it. You can use store bought gulab jamun also.

26 April 2015


Hi hope you all had a great weekend, cooked this delicious prawn curry for Sunday lunch and everyone in my family loved it.So din't wait to share this tastiest recipe with prawns. Give a try and you cant stop with 1 serving.

18 April 2015


I had about 1/2 cup of leftover coconut cream in my fridge after making a yummy dessert. Was planning to finish it off soon and was searching to make some refreshing milkshake out of it.. I saw many recipes but one recipe,coconut tres leches milkshake caught my eye, I had all the ingredients for the milkshake, but the recipe suggested to serve the milkshake with few pieces of toasted pound cake. At first thought will skip that part, but was keen in knowing about and making of pound cake. So browsed for the recipe and found that it's all buttery yummy cake and decided to bake. Saw many recipes, but I'm a big fan of joy of baking recipes, I have tried many of her recipes and it was always a hit,dint have a second thought to try out and while baking,my house was full buttery buttery flavour and little one smelled and came knocking at the kitchen door with a big smile, she had a good enough slice and enjoyed every bite of it. The cake batter process is bit different form the normal one so follow each step to have a soft and crumble cake.

12 April 2015


Summer is at its peak in Singapore, always finding some drinks or ice-creams to keep me cool and hydrated, so made this fresh home made Popsicles with coconut and strawberry. When I first saw this recipe in Pinterest it caught my eye, being a coconut lover dint hesitate to give a try and to tell you it was a soooper hit and all just went for it. Even my little one had few licks:) and her expressions was out of the world,as first time tasting something cold, she totally loved it and wanted more:).The pops was over the next day I made so made a fresh batch again for photo and blog.Give a try and I'm sure your kids will and everyone in your family will love it.

06 April 2015


A simple yet delicious chicken curry... RK is a kind of home lover, he loves to be at home on weekends, playing with little one,moving around and trying to help me in our cooking,rather than exploring outside, so most of our Sunday menus either breakfast or lunch will be elaborate, a much more relaxed time to chat, have a Heavy meal and a good afternoon nap... This curry can be made is less time if all ingredients on hand,and the curry goes a tasty accompaniments with biryani or chappathi. So try out and let know, how you liked it.

30 March 2015


A delicate delightful dessert, which can be made in no time... The ingredients used are so common, and sure we all will be using it regularly. Bread Pudding is an old fashioned dessert, and was also know as "poor man dessert" as it was made with stale moistened bread with some sugar and spices...now it's all updated and this dessert is made with full creamy richness and toppings of nuts or fruits. Many varieties of bread can be used and I have made it with a French loaf... Give it a try and U will totally love it... Will soon post an egg-less version.

11 March 2015


Goan fish curry,another yummy fish curry in my list.. This s a delicious must try recipe for fish lovers.... I learnt this recipe from my bother,must admit he s a good cook,and he loves to try and taste many cuisines around the world.I rarely add coconut to my dishes, don't know y.... May be,I got this habit from amma... She seldom adds in coconut,but after tasting this curry. I'm in total love,with the flavour of coconut,the smell and taste of it is so good and now a days I add coconut to most of my curries.I make this Goan curry in two ways,another is adding coconut milk with out the roasting and grinding part... Will soon post the another one.Till then try your hands on this delicious curry and let know..

08 March 2015


HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY proud to a women:):).Wishing you a day filled with happiness and love. What's special in your home?...I made this simple side dish from my moms cook book..Aloo gobi,all time favourite side dish. This aloo gobi combination can be made in many ways and this is my mom's style,simple and flavourful. This recipe goes well with chappathi, sambar or mild pulao.Try out and let me know.

06 March 2015


Appam is a flavourful breakfast,best served with some spicy curry or sweetened coconut milk.This is our families favorite breakfast combination,right from kid to elder,loves this combo...So i make appams on weekends. It's,bit time consuming process and the key for Getting softer appam is,the batter should be fermented well...The traditional way of making appam is by adding "toddy" it's not easily available.So,it's been substituted with Yeast.. But I usually prefer making appam without yeast..I have,another appam recipe without adding coconut,will share that recipe in future.. Still then,try this appam recipe and I'm sure you will love it..

01 March 2015


Tomato fish masala is a simple and easy recipe.If your bored of the same fish fry or curry,then this is definitely a must try one for fish lovers like me... Today Rk was asking me to cook something different with fish... I asked him whether he want curry r dry,then he said me you don't you try the fish masala which we tasted in Pattaya... It's really a long back trip and I totally forgot about that... But the fish masala we tasted their was really awesome. It was a simple gravy, which I could easily find out what ingredients was used in it. So planned to replicate the fish masala and this was our Sunday lunch.. The fish was really yummy and paired well with dhal and rasam... Give a try and you will also love it.

23 February 2015


First simple post after a long long break..And im excited to kick off...Stay tuned for new recipes and stories...:)