11 May 2013


My tummy was carving for some sweets and wished to try some interesting and simple sweet with milk, as Rk is a great lover of milk sweets decided to do this... And to tell you this is the first time I'm handling curdled milk...When I saw this recipe in manjulas kitchen bookmarked and it was in my to do list for a long time because I always had a second thought for sweets with curdled milk... 
But to my surprise the sweet tasted so so yummy and after a spicy chicken briyani,it's always nice to much on little sweet, I got this habit from my dad, After a light r heavy lunch he wants a little sweet to complete his meal... If we say him no then he will blame mom, that her food is spicy so he wants some sweet to suppress the spiciness...  So seeing him I too started that habit. So sweet is made for us to munch on after a whole meal, give a try u will just fall in love.  


Milk - 2 cups + 2 cups
Water - 2 tbs +2 tbs
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Lemon juice - 1&1/2 tsp
Saffron - 3-5 strands + 1 Tbs milk
Pistachio - 1 tbs(chopped)
Ghee - 1/8 tsp (to grease the plate)


Take a boiling bowl add in 2 tbs of water make sure its fully coated with then add in 2 cups of milk allow it to boil.

Then add in lemon juice mix in well and keep string for 5 mins then the milk will curdle wait till water and paneer is separated completely.

Then drain the curdled mixture in a strainer and press well to take the excess of water,then wash nicely in tap water till the smell of lime juice leaves off.

Then take a broad non-stick pan add in 2 tbs of water mix in well,the add in 2 cups of milk and boil till it reduces to half.

Then add in the curdled and washed paneer to milk mix in well,then add in sugar mix well and keep string well.

Mix the mixture well and take care that it doesn't get brunt,then mix well till the mixture starts thickening,and keep string till it comes to a whole mass. 

Then grease the plate with little ghee and spread the sweet nicely and flatten it,then sprinkle the chopped nuts and then sprinkle the saffron milk and set a side to cool down completely.

Serve warm or cold and enjoy this sinfully delicious sweet


Adding 2 tbs of water helps milk to prevent from burning,so add in water first then add milk and boil.

After you add in lemon juice keep string it will take at least 5 mins for full milk to curdle. So don't add in extra lemon juice or the you have more of lemon taste.

Wash the paneer thoroughly to get rind of lemon smell.Adding saffron milk is purely optional,but it adds in more flavor.

The sugar i have added would be perfect...but if you are a sweet tooth person just increase in 2 tbs.

Keep Smiling!:)



  1. Oh Revathi,this looks absolutely perfect.

  2. delicious and tempting and yummy burfi.

  3. I've never come across this kind of burfi before! so tasty!

    1. Ur right jonnae...they are so delicious,try them out

  4. Wow very lovely kalakand, I love it, very very nicely explained Revathi. I just wish I could have it.

  5. Wow so tempting..:-) and beautiful pictures Revathi :-)

  6. So Tempting and Mouthwatering.. Awesome clicks.. Pass me some sweets..

  7. Impressive, attractive and so good. Great flavors for the dashes of tastes which I am drooling over.

  8. Perfect!!! I'd these over the weekend but just cudnt get the name... :)

  9. yummy sweet revathi...simply amazing

  10. I have never seen such beautifuuly decorated kalakand....its mouth watering

  11. thanks a lot revathi... The pics wer very helpful... I just prepared it... gonna ve now...

  12. I just prepared it by adding nutmeg and cardamom powder. Thank you for the recipe. Was of great help..

  13. I just prepared it by adding nutmeg and cardamom powder.. Thank you for the recipe,was of great help..


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