02 May 2015


Their are many delightful combinations in cooking and food which I love. I just enjoy each and every bite of it and the combo just melts in mouth and one such combination is vanilla ice cream with gulab jamun. When I was a teen, dad often take us to Rotary meeting it would be a large get together.Lots of friends,fun and yummy yummy food, the most common dessert served that time was gulab jamun or carrot halwa with ice cream. I would just relish eating them any time of the day and would want for more and more. And to say RK is just me like when tasting desserts and he loves gulab jamun a lot, so when my MIL visited here last month she made a batch of gulab jamun,it was half over and I saved the rest half for this yummiest popsicles and ice cream. Everyone in my house loved it to the core and was over the same day,we went for 2 serving. So don't hesitate to give a try and u will all love it. You can use store bought gulab jamun also.

Heavy cream - 1&1/2 cup
Milk - 1/4 cup
Sweetened condensed milk - 1/4 cup
Vanilla extract - 3/4 tsp
Gulab jamun - 15 pieces

Take heavy cream and condensed milk in a bowl,give a good mix.
 Add in vanilla essence and milk and give a mix.
 Then using a electric beater or hand whisk,whisk well till its all the cream and milk a bit thick.Then take a loaf pan or any freezer proof box,line it with a cling wrapper.
 Pour in 1/4th the mixture into the pan then place the Gulab jamuns and fill again with 1/4th cream milk mixture and finally fill in some Gulab jamuns and freeze overnight.while serving remove the ice cream from the loaf pan,slice and serve.
 For popsicles,slice the gulab jamuns into small pieces,then fill the popsicles mould with few pieces of gulab jamuns ,followed by cream mixture and then do it alternatively,then insert the popsicles stick and freeze overnight. Once the mould is all set show in running water and remove slowly.

Slice and serve the yummiest Vanilla gulaj jamun ice cream :)

Adjust the sweetness according to your taste.Adding milk is optional you can replace it with heavy cream.

Drain the syrup from gulab jamuns an hour before your going to assemble the ice creams.

Lining the loaf pan with cling wrapper helps to remove and slice the ice cream easily so don't skip that,but if you prefer scooping it out,you can skip that part.

Allow the ice cream to freeze over night, so that it would have been set well and easy to slice.
Keep Smiling:)
Revathi Ramkumar


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