Hi and welcome to Samayal2Impress,to start off with I am Revathi Ramkumar a learning cook,writer and photographer in my own space on web. 
Samayal2Impress helps me to share the foods i love most and it helps me develop my photography and writing skills.

I started this blog in November 2012 as a way to record my recipes, so that i can save all the recipes, in one space so that i can pass it over to my future ones.As i stayed in hostel during my secondary and college i dint get a chance to learn much  of cooking at home(when ever i come back home for my holidays rajamariyadhai thaan so that chance also gone) sweets is my addiction. I've never cared for novels but I've always loved cookbooks,cooking Shows and food magazines.The food pictures really attracts me...We eat with our eyes first.I love art, dance,music. 

To tell you the truth, that i have never entered into the kitchen before my marriage, basically I was nil in cooking, my friends used to tell me that the only cooking I know before marriage was to keep hot water eeeeee...:d

Then no other go I have to cook, still remember my first dish was sambar and it came out pretty well ( but tat credit goes to my Mom &MIL) because they had patience to explain me the full procedure through phone.... What to do?

Thought this wouldn't work out and started to explore the virtual world of blogging and i'm trying to learn many dishes in different cuisines to impress Rk. Taste Of South India was the first blog I viewed .

Rk encouraged me to start blogging... Had lots of queries to start with and my bro helped me out and finally came Samayal2Impress

I hope to inspire you as a home cook ! enjoy reading and trying these recipes ,your comments are valuable and its a real boost for me to keep going.

Thanks for spending your valuable time Keep smiling !


  1. Hi Revathi.... do u remember me.... i am so happy for u... ur blog is too good.... keep it up....

  2. Very gud dear keeo going:)

  3. hi revathi... thank u so much for coming by and leaving ur lovely comments... u too have a beautiful page out here, already following u and going to explore further... :)

  4. Hi Revathi..

    Sorry i dont remember you..are u from cluny??? But your blog really helps me:)))))))))))))))..superb dishes..Keep it up:)

  5. Hi Revathi,

    Your blog is awesome. With your cookery skills, your photographic skills are improving a lot.
    Happy to see you like this sis.


Thank you for visiting my space... any thoughts and comments that you may have are welcome and appreciated.Your comments are valuable and it keeps me going...Keep Smiling!