02 May 2015


Their are many delightful combinations in cooking and food which I love. I just enjoy each and every bite of it and the combo just melts in mouth and one such combination is vanilla ice cream with gulab jamun. When I was a teen, dad often take us to Rotary meeting it would be a large get together.Lots of friends,fun and yummy yummy food, the most common dessert served that time was gulab jamun or carrot halwa with ice cream. I would just relish eating them any time of the day and would want for more and more. And to say RK is just me like when tasting desserts and he loves gulab jamun a lot, so when my MIL visited here last month she made a batch of gulab jamun,it was half over and I saved the rest half for this yummiest popsicles and ice cream. Everyone in my house loved it to the core and was over the same day,we went for 2 serving. So don't hesitate to give a try and u will all love it. You can use store bought gulab jamun also.