19 May 2013


My dad’s friend worked in Singapore when i was a kid, we used to call him KK uncle...whenever he comes home from Singapore, he gets me a box of Danish butter cookies... I just love the flavor of butter and the sooper flaky biscuits... I like the plain ones and give the sugar topped ones to my brother... He never fights because he likes that r else mom will break her head to divide among two... The cookies have a great mellow of butter and sugar... 
If I like something in food and if i have only few in my hands.I will just bite it bit by bit and enjoy each flavor of it... But I never thought that I will bake my own butter cookie. And after tasting them I was overwhelmed with joy..I saw this recipe in a cookbook named baking for beginners which i got from my library this recipe was simple with few ingredients and I had stock of all ingredients so didn't wait to give a try... I was apprehensive on how well it will turn out, but at the end the cookies tasted great and just melted in my mouth. It was bit difficult to Handel with butter... As the day was hot and it was bit difficult to shape out the cookies other than that it’s a fata fut version... Sure give a try and your kids will ask for more...


All purpose flour - 6 tbs
Icing sugar - 3 tbs
Rice flour - 3 tbs
Unsalted butter - 6 tbs
Vanilla essence - 2 drop
Salt - a pinch


Pre-heat oven to 180°C,Slice butter into small pieces,and take butter in a bowl, sieve the incing sugar to the butter and make sure their are no lumps in it.

Then blend the butter,icing sugar and salt mixture to a creamy texture using a electric blender or try using a whisk  to blend,then pour in 2 drop of vanilla essence and blend in again till the essence is combined well.

Then sieve all purpose flour and rice flour together in a separate bowl.

Then add the flour mixture to butter and blend again with electric mixture to a smooth and creamy texture.

Use your hand and gather the mixture to a big mass,and cover the mixture with a cling wrapper and refrigerate for 2 hours. 

Then divide the mixture into 2 half,use the 1st half,take a small scoop,scoop out the mixture and pat them and shape into small cookies. And do the same with the 2nd of mixture.

Line the baking tray with a parchment paper and place the cookie in a criss - cross way and bake the cookie in a pre-heated oven for 12 mins.And once done cool the cookie in a wire rack.

Serve warm or chill with a cup of coffee and have a great evening snack


Make sure the butter is in room temperature,so this will make the icing sugar and butter to blend a creamy texture.

I have used electric mixer,but you can use a whisk also to do the same.

Make sure that you sieve icing mixture well,or the lumps will remain and you wont get a smooth mixture.

After dividing the mixture into 2,make sure you refrigerate 1 half mixture so that it will be easy for you to handle to shape out the cookies.

Place the cookie in criss-cross manner,so that it will have enough space to melt,when it's baked.

I used a scoop to shape the cookies or you can use a weighing scale to measure each portion to have equal sized cookies.

Some tips for sugar coated or nuts coated cookies:
For sugar coated: Reduce the icing sugar  to 2&1/2 tbs and before you bake just sprinkle some crystal sugar on top.
For nut's coated: Just use any nuts of your choice slice to small pieces and sprinkle on top and bake. 

Keep Smiling:)



  1. Perfectly baked cookies..

  2. Beautiful butter cookies..Love the way the Danish cookies taste :).

  3. Wow, gorgeous cookies, easy breezy too, appreciate the illustrative clicks.

  4. looks so perfect and yummy Revathi...

  5. loved those cookies and presentation

  6. Perfectly baked ! Loved the color !

  7. Perfect tea time snack. looks yummy

  8. cookies looks so professionally baked

  9. Revathi - i tried the cookies and absolutely loved it, jus one issue, my cookies turned out too soft, so soft that they broke when i took them off the tray any idea, why that happened and how to avoid this?

  10. Revathi - i tried the cookies and absolutely loved it, jus one issue, my cookies turned out too soft, so soft that they broke when i took them off the tray any idea, why that happened and how to avoid

    1. Happy that you tried and loved it. Baking time differs from oven to oven and after you bake just leave the cookies in the tray for ten mins.it hardens by the time it cools then you can transfer and store it in airtight container and hope this will help when you try the next time.

  11. I tried these cookies. My dough was very loose before putting in the fridge. And after I took it out it was hard but back to its original in 5 minutes.

    The bottom also burnt even though it was cooked completely on top :/
    Idk why this happened :/
    Any idea where I went wrong?

    1. Butter melts very fast at room temperature may be next time try to reduce the quantity of butter to 4tbs and once the dough is ready divide the dough into 2 batch so it will be easy to handle... And check the oven temperature in some oven temperature varies or on the oven after u hv arranged the dough on the parchment paper and till then rest cookie tray with prepared dough cookie in the fridge.... Hope this helps


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