07 February 2013


Me and my MIL went for vegetable shopping to little India(Singapore),My MIL saw  vazhaipoo and said it's very good for health and can make variety of dishes with it...so I just picked one..
And to tell you,till now, I haven't even tried to cook vazhaipoo... I wish I should cook but I don't know how to Handel this veggie...I know,it has a long Cleaning process...So i always have an hindrance to buy it... But now I'm ok with it... My MIL taught me how to clean and remove the thin stem and the transparent leaf like,in the bottom of the flower... And it's easy.. But cleaning the whole flower,is bit tedious... But I'm not a big fan of masala vadai… I like medhu vadai instead… And I feel vazhaipoo vadai is healthier than the plain ones...I'm happy that I will include this newly learnt veggie in my dishes and posts...So keep visiting,for more vazhaipoo recipes...


Vazhaipoo - 3/4 cup(Cleaned and chopped)
Channa dal - 1/2 cup
Raw rice - 1 tsp
Red dried chilly - 7
Fennel seeds - 1/4 tsp
Garlic flakes - 5 (chopped)
Onion - 1(small sized)
Salt - to taste
Curry&Coriander leaves - little less than 1/4 cup(finely chopped)


Apply oil in your hands and clean the vazhaipoo,remove the unwanted thin stem and plastic transparent leaf at the bottom,see the below picture(for ref) to remove or clean the vazhaipoo. Then first grind red dried chilly,fennel seeds and garlic together. 
Soak the channa dal at least for 3 hour before you grind them,drain the water fully and add salt before you grind,and grind the dal to a coarse paste.
Then add in the chopped onion,vazhipoo and coriander and mix them well.
Take a kadai,pour in oil and heat it well,then take a small ball and tap to a small round in your hand and drop carefully into the oil.Roast till golden brown and drain the excess oil using a tissue paper.
Serve hot with coconut chutney or any chutney of your choice and enjoy!


when you clean the vazhaipoo,you can find a small knob at the center its edible and its very good for uterus,when you taste that,if the taste bitter then your flower will also taste bitter.If its sour then soak the chopped flower in buttermilk,this will reduce the bitterness of the flower.

I like the crunchiness of the chopped vazhaipoo,so i don't grind them.So its your choice.


  1. Vadai are nicely fried looks very crunchy...its good that you added the nutritious value of banana flower :)

  2. I love this but because of all the work vazhaipoo entails, I only buy it when my mom visits :)


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