13 February 2013


Planned to bake and wanted to try something different and healthy, as I'm out of stock with all purpose flour…Thought of trying wheat and ragi combo..Ragi is best food for weight control, diabetes and for cooling the body. And it’s also a rich source of fiber and helps to lower cholesterol level.
This is the first time I'm trying ragi cake, it has come out so tasty and spongy...Ragi reminds me my grandmother... And She cooks only healthy dishes, and whenever she visits our home she brings a pack homemade ragi flour for mom... And my mom makes variety of dishes with ragi, but this is a new recipe which will be included in her ragi list...Speak to your granny and am sure she will come up with more suggestions of ragi recipes!
Rk hates ragi and he gives me lots of excuse to eat it in any form... So all the time I fail:-s in my attempt of making him eat ragi. But this time believe me, when he tasted these cake balls he just loved it and he wanted more…After he cleaned the plate I said him the cake was made out of ragi…He smiled:) and said finally you made me eat miller fillet...Finally succeeded :-"


For Ragi Cake:
Ragi flour - 4 tbs
Wheat flour - 8 tbs
Coco powder - 1/2 tbs
Sugar - 7 tbs
Baking soda - 1/4 tsp
Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
Walnuts - 1/4 cup(chopped)
Oil - 3 tbs
Curd - 4 tbs
Milk - 3 tbs

For Nutty Ball:
Ragi cake - 1/2(from the above baked)
Melted Butter - 2 tbs
Walnuts - 1/2 cup (chopped)
Dark chocolate bar - 5(small bar chopped)

Enjoy these cake balls,for a perfect Valentine day Celebration with your loved ones....@};-


Pre-heat oven to 190°C ,Take a bowl sieve all the dry ingredients at least twice and make sure its combined well.

Combine all the wet ingredients together and whisk till sugar dissolves completely and slight frothy, make a dent in dry ingredients,add the wet ingredients.

Cut and fold to mix well the dry and wet ingredients,the mixture should be in pouring consistency,then add in the chopped walnuts and mix well. Generously apply oil to all sides of a baking tin and dust it with wheat flour, place a butter papper at bottom.

Then pour in mixture to bake tin and bake for 20-25 mins.You get a nice dark brown cake and check by inserting a knife in the center.After it's cooled completely,take half of the cake and crumble them nicely.

Then add melted butter,mix well and the consistency is like you should make a whole ball.Take a plate or freezer proof box place the butter paper, Then make a small stiff lemon sized ball with hand and place in the butter paper, and do the same for rest.

Then wrap the cake balls with a cling wrapper and freeze them for at least 2 hours. Chop the chocolate bars put them in a glass bowl  and place in boiling water for 2 mins so it comes to room temperature or slight warm.

Then melt the chocolate using double boil method.Arrange for coating,chop the walnuts thoroughly.

Then take the cake balls from the freezer,dip the cake ball one at a time in chocolate sauce with a fork and place them in walnuts and see to that it sticks well on all sides.Then place the coated nutty cake balls in butter paper and place in freezer for another 1 hour.Once done take from freezer and place in fridge.


Demold cake:Once cake is done take from oven,place a wet cloth over wire rack,place the cake above the wet cloth and allow to cool for 10 mins.Then run a knife along the edges,turn upside down give a gentle tap on top and demold carefully.

Double boil:Take a pan with water,boil till bubbles reach on top,then add the slightly warm chocolate to another bowl,place on top of the boiling water,the bowl shouldn't touch the boiling water.After 3-5 mins the chocolate will start to melt,take a spoon,start string continuously,till the chocolate is melted completely.

The original recipe called for all purpose flour but i tried with wheat flour,so you can use of your choice.

You can try different combo with this cake balls,replace chocolate sauce with white sauce   or can use food color to make different layers.


  1. good idea to use ragi flour..balls look very yummy....sooo beautifully presented...

  2. These balls looks very delicious
    Raksha's Kitchen

  3. Hmmm, that looks very tasty! Very nice presentation, too

  4. Oh God, these look too delicious!!! Good job!

  5. Looks very nice , a novel way to introduce ragi to people who dislike it.

  6. Healthy balls. first time here. happy to follow u

  7. Looks like u r also trying new dishes like aunty.. I remember enjoying them everyday during 12th std with Kums :)

    Keep the food experiments going n let the beautiful blogs keep coming as well!

  8. wow!!!Revathi..this is such a akeeper recipe. bookmarked. hapily following ur space.


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