10 February 2013


This is my version of korma podi,I use this podi in most of my meat dishes.. And sure you will have a restaurant style and taste of korma when cooked...The process of making kurma podi is to similar to that of  sambar podi... 
Sundry all the ingredients and grind in a mill or you can use your mixer to grind...But Singapore is busy with showers of rain all time...So no way of sun drying the ingredients...For the past 3 days im trying to sundry it,every morning i keep all the ingredients in a plate and keep in my balcony,it dries for half hour,then sky gets cloudy with whole day rain...Thought this will not work out... , So I dry roasted all the ingredients and ground to a fine powder using mixer ...you can prepare it in bulks, store and use...come let me share with you my secret ingredient...


Coriander Seeds- 2&1/8 cups
Jeera - 1/2 cup(heaped)
Fennel Seeds - 3&1/2 tbs
Pepper - 1&3/4 tbs
Turmeric Powder - 3&1/2 tbs


Take a kadai dry roast pepper and jeera separately,keep the flame low and fry them for 2 mins.

Similarly dry roast fennel seeds and coriander seeds separately in low flame for 2 mins.

Then add all the ingredients to the the mixer and grind them to a fine powder.

And finally add in turmeric powder and give a quick pulse in the mixer again,so this will help turmeric to mix well.

This is how i make korma powder at home,So give a try and enjoy making many recipes with this powder.


Allow to cool down all the ingredients completely,before you grind them.And after you grind it in the mixer, the podi will be hot,so cool down completely and store the podi in a air tight container.And use a dry spoon.

If your grinding in a mill,you can replace turmeric powder to turmeric cones(Curry Manjal)

Be careful that you don't burn the ingredients when you fry them.

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