28 January 2013


When ever I eat samosa, I will messy up my plate:),will eat only the outer layer and will not touch the filling.. I feel they are so heavy for a snack.. So i rarely eat samosa.. During my college time, I frequently visit my aunts place in Chennai..
And One day,she got mini onion samosa, And said me that they taste so yummy,so she asked me to  taste them..First I hesitated then had one.. I liked it...It was so crispy and the filling was also light.. After marriage when ever I visit  my MIL's place she buys mini samosa from the near buy shop, and those samosa's are home made ones..I have tried these samosa with spring roll sheets.. 
I have tried these samosa with spring roll sheets.. I find it easier to make and they have very less oil when fried ...So here we go for the recipe!


For Filling:
Ginger Garlic paste - 1/4 tsp
Onion - 1/2
Potato - 1
Paneer - 1/4 cup(grated)
Sweet Corn - 1/4 cup
Chilly Powder - 1/3 tsp (heaped)
Coriander Leaves - few
Salt - to taste
To Grind:
Clove - 2
Fennel seeds - 1/4 tsp
Cinnamon stick - small piece 
Green Cardamon pods - 1

For Samosa:
Spring Roll Pastry Sheets - 8
Maida - 1/2 tbs
Water - little
Oil - to fry


For Filling:
Roast the spices in a heavy-based frying pan over a medium heat for a couple of minutes and keep stirring constantly.Remove from heat and grind to fine powder. And sieve to get fine powder.

Take a kadai add oil,1/4 tsp of ground powder allow it to change color and add chopped onion followed by ginger garlic paste, saute well till onion changes to pale color.
Then add sweet corn,paneer and saute them for 2 min,add chilly powder and saute will till the powder gets well blended with corn&paneer.
Add the cooked,mashed Potato and saute till oozes out the moisture and the mixture becomes dry.Then when your about to fill in add chopped coriander leaves.This gives a fresh smell when cooked.

For Samosa:

I have got frozen spring roll pastry sheets available in fair price they have 2 flavor with and without egg,choose one of your choice.Defrost for 2 hours and read for the instruction at the back, to start making samosa.Then make a thick paste of maida and water.
  Peel one thin sheet from the frozen,place in a clean wooden board and fold the sheet to a triangle shape.
Then place the bigger length of the triangle, facing your side and fold from the right side to half portion of the left,and now fold from the left half to the center.
 Then fold in the left half inside, and make a pocket shaped and fill in the mixture and seal the edges with maida paste.This help the samosa to stick well and will not open up when fried.
Do the same for remaining one, and refrigerate it for half an hour before you fry.Then a deep kadai pour in 2 inch of oil, when the oil is hot enough fry the samosa till golden brown in medium flame.And strain the excess oil with a paper towel.
Serve the hot samosa with Pear&Clove Chutney and a cup of hot coffee.Here we go and enjoy...:)


If you feel your bit lazy,can replace the ground masala,with gram masala and no difference in taste.You can also increase the spice to your taste bud.

Place the prepared samosa in fridge,this will help the maida paste to stick well,dry off and will not open up when frying.

You can prepare the filling in advance and do in batches if your planing for a big party.I exactly got 8 pieces.

Be careful when you fry them, i just moved away for a while and my samosa got little black at the edges.


  1. nicely made....corn and paneer stuffing tastes yummy...:)

  2. Super crispy one...

  3. As a vegetarian, I have always loved Samosas (the filling as well :) ). But I have never had these corn/paneer samosas. They look like tasty light snacks.

    Thanks for posting the recipe. :)


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