15 January 2013


I'm so excited:-"...I baked my first cake, and it has come out so well that rk and my Mil loved it..  It tasted so yummy and spongy .. Choco beetroot cake made my day..:)
And one of my long time dreams has come true..I'm so happy..:)when ever i plan to bake,for some reason i keept on postponing ...As im baking for the first time I preferred vegan cake, so was searching for something simple and different..

I bookmarked this cupcake long back and finally tried in a small quantity..when i used beetroot, i doubted whether it will have the raw smell of beetroot..but believe me, it was so perfect that the cake dint have the trace or raw smell of beetroot.... I'm  a big lover of cakes,desserts,sweets,chocolates.. And i'm Totally addicted to sweets ..Sweets changes my mood,When ever I feel down .. I feel like having some sweets to bring back my energy.. To me sweets,are true boosters...So for more sweets and cakes always stay tuned ...


All purpose flour(maida) - 3&1/2 tbs
Wheat flour - 1 tbs
Cocoa powder - 2 tbs
Caster sugar(extra fine) - 5&1/2 tbs
Baking soda - 1/2 tsp
Sunflower oil - 3 tbs
Milk - 5 tbs
Grated Beetroot - 2&1/2 tbs(heaped)
Peeled badam - 2 tbs(chopped)


Sieve maida,wheat flour,cocoa powder and baking soda together.Make sure all the dry ingredients are mixed well.

Take a mixing bowl.Add sugar,oil,milk and beat well with fork or hand mixer.when all the wet ingredients are mixed well,finally add Grated beetroot and give a quick stir.

Make a dent in the dry mixture, pour in wet ingredients and mix well.The batter should be smooth without lumps.

And the mixture should be in pouring consistency.Then gently fold in chopped badam,and reserve some for sprinkling on top. 

Preheat oven to 180ᵒC. Line the muffin tray with liners.

Fill muffin cups with batter almost full leaving 1 mm from top,sprinkle some chopped badam on top and bake it for 18-20 mins at 180ᵒC. Adjust the time according to your oven settings.

After 15 mins check if cooked by inserting  a skewer in the center of cake.Once done, allow it to cool completely on a wire rack.

This quantity exactly makes 4 dense and spongy puffed cupcakes.


Preheat the oven just before your going to bake.You can replace badam with the choice of nuts you like.

Make a day before you want to eat, so that the flavors get incorporated well.  


  1. Ur first bake looks awesome... Keep rocking...

  2. Wow ur first cake came out absolutely stunning....wonderful clicks dear...thnx for dropping by my space, keep visiting and please do follow me if u like my blog.
    Thanx ♥
    Have a wonderful day.


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