07 April 2014


Caramel pudding, i just start to drool by hearing this word and this s such a delightful dessert. I first tasted this dessert in fruit shop on Creams road in chennai and fell in love with this dessert at the first taste itself. From then i was wondering what would be the ingredients in it, as i was not aware of food blogging i dint have the intention to search.
Then when i started cooking and searching for recipes my first search was for caramel custard. As i dint have an oven, i tried it many times on stove top method,but all the time it was a failure. And now when we shifted to a new home it had built in oven and with no wonder caramel pudding was the first dish i baked in.And finally got it right and tasted great.And now im sharing it with you all so give a try and enjoy each bite.


For Caramel:
Sugar - 1&1/2 tbs
Hot water - 2 tsp

For Custard:
Milk - 8 tbs
Sugar - 1&1/2 tbs
Vanilla essence - 1/4 tsp
Egg - 1/2
Egg yolk - 1


Take a small non pan add in the sugar needed for caramel and heat up in a low flame and you will see browning of sugar give a light swirl and when sugar is browned completely add in a tsp of hot water. 

Mix up well and till you see bubbles and this is caramel sauce.Pour in the sauce to desired cups you planning bake and allow them to set till you make the custard.

 Pre heat oven at 190°C,take a cup with warm milk add in sugar,vanilla essence and mix it well.

Then in a bowl add in half egg and yolk mix it well till its blended.

To the egg mixture add in milk mixture and mix it well till its totally blended.

Then strain the milk egg mixture divide into half and fill in the caramel layered cups and bake 40 mins.Once done cool down and refrigerate for at least 3 hr 

Serve chilled and enjoy each bite as i do:)


Egg yolk and half egg will taste good don't think you will feel lot of egg smell once baked it will taste great,I have just made it for two you can double the quantity for many.

Take care not to burn the sugar else the it will taste bitter and the taste will diff a lot water will to prevent sugar from burning.

The sugar i have added is prefect sweetness so just do the same.

Before you bake pour in hot water to the pan you bake the custard,this will prevent the custard from burning on top.

keep smiling:)



  1. yummy pudding with very detailed post!!!

  2. I love that u tried it for just two people... a good way to start off...hope to see many more posts from you...

  3. super yummy and tempting pudding.

  4. Delicious pudding... I made them sometime back and now feel like making them again soon

  5. Fantastic caramel custard, hard to resist..I can enjoy thoroughly this beautiful dessert.


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