07 May 2013


My place is having its great sunny days... And the humid around us is high... So I'm always looking for some chilled drinks and fruits which keeps me energizing... And I wish to include in any new drink to my diet and my Chinese friends keeps drinking barley water often. I have heard of Barley water before, when my sister was pregnant my aunt used to give her this drink to keep her body cool and to reduce the puffiness of legs...
But that drink was plain it had no flavor or taste so never thought of trying out a brink with barley. When I asked them, How you sip in the flavorless barley drink, then she said this recipe of old fashioned barley drink...And they used to prepare in liters store and sip in often…Stared to browse to know more about this drink, then came to know that this is a perfect coolant and healthy one... The original recipe called for pandan leaves instead of bay leaf... I have used pandan leaves for cooking biryani... But want to substitute it with an easy ingredient so found bay leaf will work out... This cannot compensate exactly for pandan leaves, but the flavor and taste adds an extra zing to the drink... So believe me this will workout... Some discard the winter melon... But I love candid winter Melon chunks... So I have added them to give an extra bit in each sip.


Barley pearls - 3 tbs
Water - 3&1/2 cup
Candied winter melon (Sakkarai neer poosanikai) - 5 pieces
Bay leaf - 2
Salt - pinch


Take a strainer add in barley pearls wash it till the water comes clear,then add in barley and 3&1/2 cups of water and allow it to boil when you see in bubbles add in the bay leaf and allow to boil

When barley pearls are half cooked take out the bay leaf and set a side.

Then add in candied winter melon and allow to boil till the winter melon and barley pearls are fully cooked,then strain the liquid discard the barley and keep the winter melon.

Allow the winter melon to cool down and chop them finely and set a side.

Take the serving glass add in the chopped winter melon and pour in the strained liquid and serve chill.

Serve chill the perfect coolant for a hot summer to keep you refreshing!


I like my drinks to have mild sweetness so the candied winter melon had enough coated with sugar to add in taste to the drink.If you have sweet tooth then add in 1/2 tbs of rock sugar(kalkandu).

If you aware and used to pandan leaves replace bay leaf with 1 full pandan leaf,when you add in just tie a knot and add in.

Make sure that barley is fully cooked so it adds in more flavor to the drink.

Keep Smiling!:)



  1. WOW I love this :-) so refreshing Revathi. Infact in Singapore Iced Barley is famous.

  2. This is definitely a keeper! Barley is such a healthy ingredient but there are very few things we can do with it. I love your recipe a lot and will give it a try.

  3. drink looks very healthy beautiful pictures

  4. so refreshing drink with beautiful clicks...

  5. Refreshing drink and lovely pictures!!!

  6. i drank this everyday during my pregnancy revathi with elanir water mix....though its bit heat for the body it is good for removing waste bad water...we call "Neer" from our body

    1. Ya my sis had it for the same reason...she had her swollen so my aunt gave her this drink

  7. Very healthy and delicious drink.. Excellent clicks..

  8. Wow..I am completely impressed with this..Truly refreshing drink,with lot of memories ..Cheers !

  9. Revathi,I am sure candied winter melon will take away barley taste.Looks really good.

  10. Very lovely and healthy barley drink, very refreshing and superb...

  11. Sounds good and healthy Revathi.. Loved the clicks too :-)

  12. very interesting frink ! and great clicks too Revathi.

  13. very healthy drink revathi.. nice presentation..


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