02 October 2013


Delicious healthy yummy drink, badam drink is my all time favorite,this drink reminds me my college days... Our college canteen had many flavored drink but the most popular and yummy one among was thirumala badam milk...
If I'm correct the price of the drink was Rs.10 four years back, I'm not sure whether the brand exist, so just tried to recreate the taste. The taste was not that perfect but the milk tasted great and really great as a refreshing drink for sunny evening.


Milk - 2 cups(I used full cream)
Badam - 25 + 2 tbs(finely chopped)
Sugar - 3&1/2 tsp
Saffron - 4 strands + 1 tbs milk
Cardamom powder - 1/8 tsp
Ghee - 1/8 tsp


First soak badam in hot water for 5 mins, peel the outer skin and set a said.

Then soak saffron strands in warm milk for 15 mins.

Grind the soaked and peeled badam with little milk to smooth paste 

Chop roughly about 4 peeled badam and fry in ghee till golden and set a said, both badam and ghee. 

Take a milk pan add in 2 cups of milk allow it to boil for 5 mins,then add in the ground paste and mix in well

Then add in fried ghee and sugar mix well,boil till slight thick.

Finally add in saffron milk and pinch of cardamom mix in will and boil for 1 min and switch off the flame mix in fried badam and serve.

Serve hot or cold and enjoy refreshing healthy drink


The amount sugar which i have mentioned would be perfect.

Frying badam in ghee is purely optional,but i love the hint of ghee in my badam milk.

Keep Smiling:)



  1. yay.. thank u for linking this lipsmacking payasam to the event darling!!! hope to see u more in action... the pics are lovely... :)

  2. Hey Revathi so great to have you back... Hope is well and may god bless you always :) the kheer looks delicious

  3. one of my kids favourite, too, Revathi..lovely clicks/.

    latest post on "pick quicks" blog - a very pleasantly happie-me.

  4. Awesome and stunning kheer, love it ...

  5. Yummy Almond Kheer.....so flavourful

  6. ah would love to gulp that bottle in a stretch...super yummy and seriously tempting


  7. Wonderfully done,who can resist to it and very delicious nutty kheer.

  8. Tempting kheer.. Lovely clicks with step by step instructions

  9. yummy kheer with step by step pictorial, love it...

  10. First time here. You have very nice collections. Very glad to follow you.

  11. kheer looks very delicious. Well explained.

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